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Cities, villages, mines or quarries, whichever be the place, Arindum Drilling Technologies has the right kind of equipment to drill, lay pipes, explore or bore perfectly. These equipments, hydraulic and pneumatic, are designed to deliver the best results and are convenient to handle. What’s more, Arindum provides after sales service, tools and parts for these machines of excellence.
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Water-well drills Horizontal directional drills Down hole hammers & bits
Blast Hole Drills Exploration drills Drilling tools & accessories
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Arindum Drilling India Manufacturers and Exporters of Water Well Drilling Rigs, Horizontal directional drills, Trench-less Directional Drilling Rig, Blast Hole Drilling Rigs, RC Drills, Reverse circulation Drilling Rigs, Dth Hammers Dth Button Bits, Down The Hole Hammers Bits

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